Beautiful novelties on the side of wall tattoos.

Today we present new models of wall tattoos.

In addition to adding hexagons to our collection, we have also produced existing models in other colors.

You can now find silver circles, gold and silver triangles, golden clouds as well as gold crosses. It is now possible to combine several packages for different effects.

We have also submitted several models in inventory.
All packed ready to go join and decorate your walls.
Delivery is always at $ 1.80 for one package, and $ 10 for 2 packages or more.

Other new products will be added during the summer, and we will bring a little more color in the collection also.

Click here to see the complete collection of PiCO wall tattoos.

To see the new features directly: 

Silver Circles
Gold Cross
Hexagons Black
Hexagons Gold
Gold Clouds

Triangles Silver
Triangles Gold