FREE coloring as you #stayhome

We are all housebound, kids and adults alike are always looking for something to do, and indeed, sometimes we lack inspiration. Our rainbow coloring pages have been so well received by our community that we offer you another beautiful message of hope. These are troubling times for all of us, but we must remain positive and optimistic.

Our Prime Minister is asking us to stay home and this message seems very difficult to hear for some people... Yet it is so simple, the more we confine ourselves, the faster our normal life will resume. We see more and more #stayhome appearing on the networks and we decided to embark on the movement of prevention motivation. 

Today we're featuring a coloring of our beautiful planet earth. The remedy to make everyone better off is so simple: love your neighbor, love your planet, and #getaway!

We have to look at the positive side of this situation, we spend more time with our loved ones, and we have the chance to forge even closer ties. We have a break that allows us to live in slow motion in a life often too full, where time is always lacking. The planet takes a break from the often overactive human presence. Pollution has decreased drastically in China as well as in Italy. We will probably see the repercussions of this virus everywhere on the planet. Today we invite you to love your planet and its inhabitants and to stay at home with your loved ones.

This coloring page is not just for children. The message is universal and is for everyone! We would love to see people of all generations and ages coloring this. We know how hard it is for grandparents to not be able to share time with their grandchildren. So we offer an idea: invite grandparents to communicate via video through FaceTime, Skype or Messenger and do this coloring as a family! Don't have a printer at home? That's okay, do what one of our clever clients did and reproduce the illustration yourself. It will be even more beautiful because it will come entirely from you.

Get together virtually and help us spread love and smiles in people's faces during this turbulent time. And please feel free to share!

We also invite you to visit regularly our new free activities section, because we will regularly put in coloring pages or small simple crafts.

This is our way of thanking you for being behind us. We have something exciting in store for April 1 and Easter!

We love you! Keep smiling and #stayhome!

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