The playtime

  • PiCO Tatoo- La Récréation/ L'heure de la récré

The playtime


Move becauseit can becomebeautiful funny anecdotes and a beautiful time to spend together!
Check out our model of tattoos:Think of me.

It is recognized, children have lots of energy! Still, as a parent, often the reason given for inactivity back too often the lack of time in the hubbub of family life.
Reward your child at the end of your wanderlust with a sneaker on his hand or on his arm and ask you to put one to you.

Cet emballage contient 1 feuille de tatouage temporaire d'un format de 2 pouces X 4 pouces.
Cette collection est une collaboration entre PiCO tatouages temporaires et La Récréation.

This package contains one 2" x 4" temporary tattoo sheet. This collection is a collaboration between PiCO Tatoos temporaires and La Récréation

The temporary tattoo design is done in Québec.
Tattoos are printed in the United States.
Print is high quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA-certified (USA).
Tattoos are suitable for children aged 3 and up.

For more details on using the tattoos, see the  Operating Instructions page..