Why did we create PiCO

Well, it's rather simple. We are two mothers, and our children love tattoos.
But we noticed that the temporary tattoo offering was pretty limited.
We did some research and noticed that some tattoos were printed in the United States, and that the quality was better!

As we are both graphic designers, we decided to embark on the adventure!
We put our talent to work to come up with quality designs.
Designs that we wish our children would wear proudly.

In October 2012, our first tattoos were sent to the United States for printing.
We started with three models: jungle, robots and flowers. Our project had been initiated.
We then went through a lot of phone calls, solicitation but also received great comments on our tattoos.
In nine months, we sold our first 3,000 PiCO tattoos.
We have been working relentlessly since then to introduce new temporary tattoo designs to please you.

Our tattoos are printed in the United States. In addition to their beautiful design,
our tattoos are hypoallergenic, easy to apply and long-lasting.

We are proud of our products, and we are merely beginning to seduce you with our designs!