Wish card - Heart and patches

  • PiCO Tatoo, carte de souhaits, coeur et écusson brodé/ Tattoo it.

Wish card - Heart and patches


On Valentine's Day, PiCO and Tattoo it unite to offer you the perfect present for the loved one. A special card to offer a little love to someone importantto you. The sticker patche is a lasting thought that lastsand accompanies the loved one. The two temporarytattoos are to share. Gently remove the glue dots underthe patche to keep the greeting card.

This package contains 2 sheets of temporary tattoos size 2 x 2 inches and a sticker patche size 2.25 x 2.5 inches.

The temporary tattoo design is done in Québec.
Tattoos are printed in the United States.
Print is high quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA-certified (USA).
Tattoos are suitable for children aged 3 and up.

For more details on using the tattoos, see the  Operating Instructions page.

1. Place your sticker patch on a clean surface and press firmly on all edges.
2. To change style, simply peel your sticker patch and save it for later. Keep in mind there is a limited repeated use on fabrics.
3. For a more permanent use on fabrics you can iron-on your sticker patch with a cloth over the patch and press firmly. We recommend sewing the patch fora even more permanent application.

The card is printed in Quebec.
The set also includes an envelope.