In case of emergency

  • PiCO Tatoo, tatouages en cas d'urgence.

In case of emergency


Whether you are going camping for the weekend or spending a week abroad, our bilingual In case of emergency tattoos will help keep your mind at peace in the event of involuntary separation from your child. You can write your contact information on them and place it on a visible area of their body to ensure their safety at all times. Pair it with a tattoo of monster hunters Monster's Hunters collection to avoid allergens.

This package contains 1 temporary tattoo sheet in a size of 2 inches x 4 inches.

Install the tattoo on the skin.
2- Once the tattoo is dry, write your contact with a permanent pencileither a regular ballpoint pen or a permanent fine point pen. 

The temporary tattoo design is done in Québec.
Tattoos are printed in the United States.
Print is high quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA-certified (USA).
Tattoos are suitable for children aged 3 and up.

For more details on using the tattoos, see the Operating Instructions page.