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Latest articles

Cleanliness; a roller coaster ride!

Cleanliness; a roller coaster ride!
It's true, we often have to arm ourselves with laundry soap, rags and patience when potty training...! The idea of the colored panties is to differentiate peeing in the potty from other rewards. Because sometimes, having a tattoo without having been to the toilet can be nice too but for...

Poop is always funny?

Poop is always funny?
It’s magical word that really makes you laugh. Everyone is silent? Just say the word and everyone will burst out laughing. It becomes less funny when the time comes to clean it up. You can use “poop” tattoos for fun, but OVER ALL they are a great tool for potty...

Original surprise bags

Original surprise bags
You know about our tattoos, and stickers, but did you know we also offer themed birthday goody bags?We've designed the goodie bags to make your life easier when hosting friends' parties or small special events. The packages contain five tattoo sheets of the selected theme and a "Party" tattoo. The...