A tattoo for Leucan

Since 2016, we have a charity tattoo for Leucan. In 2021, we created a new ladybug model for the cause: Leucan's ladybugs.

For each of these tattoos sold, we will donate $2 to Leucan - Quebec Region. 
Your purchase of the little ladybugs automatically becomes a small donation.
We hope to sell a lot of small tattoos, to give a BIG donation to Leucan

Since 2016, we have given nearly $10,000 to Leucan. Every little ladybug purchase counts and makes a difference.

Your donations will help Leucan to continue offer distinctive and adapted services to children with cancer and their families, such as : 
- guidance and emotional support
- financial support
- massotherapy
- hospital playroom
- socio-recreational activities
- educational awareness
- major funder of clinical research

This new model is now available on our website:
Leucan ladybugs 

Thank you for helping us spread the word about these tattoos and we hope to see lots of little ladybugs this year. Don't hesitate to share our project.