Poop is always funny?

It’s magical word that really makes you laugh. Everyone is silent? Just say the word and everyone will burst out laughing. It becomes less funny when the time comes to clean it up. You can use “poop” tattoos for fun, but OVER ALL they are a great tool for potty training. These are the new buddy that lend that extra helping hand to our already popular underwear tattoos! The number of times we hear : Number ones are going great but number twos THAT’S ANOTHER STORY!

These tattoos are here to help with:
- Refusal to pooh in the toilet
- A drop of interest towards underwear tattoos, it’s normal children also like varying
- A return of pooping in their underwear
- A change in the child’s routine that brings back little accidents
- Periods of harder to handle stress that bring a difficulty to go number two
- Making an office colleague laugh! A little poop tattoo will surely bring a smile of happiness.

Potty training can at times be a very intense period, other times rather easy. Active motivation remains key. Vary your motivators, innovate, keep smiling so you don’t embark in a confrontational mood, because laughing makes it work out well, and as we know, the “terrible two” period often walks hand in hand with potty training and learning to manage emotions.
We are completely aware that cleaning up poop out of a pair of pants or a car seat isn’t nearly as fun as going for a round of mini golf and ice cream. This is why we believe that motivating your child to use the bathroom with little amusing ideas can always help!

Keep this tool handy in your purse! A lot of kids hate to ditch a fun activity to go to the bathroom. Think about it, a few weeks before, a little push freed them and they could keep on playing until the smell made it’s way to your nose… Come to think of it, the reasoning makes a lot of sense! Play the game like they do. Apply a tattoo to their favorite doll. Go on a treasure hunt to find poop tattoos hidden in the bathroom.

Be creative. Your child is at playful age, he wants to have fun. For sure it isn’t always time to play, but you will certainly save time on negotiations et prevent the going to the bathroom routine from becoming an endless confrontation. Appreciate your child’s learnings, make him proud… One small, regular or big poop at a time!!

Bring a little spray bottle on the road. Fill it with water, and can carry it around, so you can apply a tattoo anytime, anyplace to encourage your child. These bottles can be found in the travel section of department stores. Little ones live in the moment, have your potty training rewards with you at all times!!

It is still possible to purchase single tattoos or stickers here!