Greeting card - Easter eggs

  • Carte de souhaits, Le lapins de Pâques, de la compagnie  PiCO Tatoo, conçue et imprimée au Québec.

Greeting card - Easter eggs


Receiving a card from a loved one for Easter is a more lasting gift than chocolate! The bunny loves to leave beautiful messages while hunting for coconuts. You can add Easter stickers to share with your friends.

This package contains 1 sheet of temporary tattoos of a size of 2 inches X 4 inches.

The design of the temporary tattoos is made in Quebec
The printing of the tattoos is done in the United States.
The print is high quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA certified (USA).
The tattoos are suitable for children aged 3 years and older.
For more details on how to use it, see the How to use page.

The card is printed in Quebec.
The set also includes an envelope.


           Packaged in a compostable bag made from corn.