How to apply wall tattoos

1. Determine the distance between the decals, based on the size of your wall and the effect you want.
2. You can mark the desired places with little dots on the wall. Use a level to make sure the decals will be straight.
3. Slowly peel off the decal from the sheet.
4. Gently apply the decal to the wall. If needed, reposition the decal.
5. For better bonding, you can press on the decal using a squeegee.
6. To remove, peel off SLOWLY. Do not remove quickly.

Wall tattoos are a temporary solution to add life to your walls. While vinyl decals are easy to use, care must be taken.

Do not apply on fresh paint. The wall must have been painted more than six weeks prior to the installation. Applying decals on fresh paint could damage the paint and the wall when they are removed.

Do not apply to a wall that has been only primed. The bonding will be too strong. You risk damaging the wall when you remove the decals.

Wall decals can also be installed on many other surfaces such as glass, mirrors, metal, wood, plastic to name a few.

Wall decals from the Graphic Collection are made of a specially designed vinyl for interior walls. They are designed not to damage your walls.

They can be removed without damaging your walls, but cannot be reused. They are designed for a single use.

As all walls are different, PiCO Tatouages temporaires cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by our vinyl decals to your walls.